Deposit - $300

(Remainder will be due in full IN CASH on pick up or via PayPal or check before the puppy is shipped)

We accept the following for our deposits:

*Personal or Business Checks    


​*Cash (in person)

1. If litter is unborn the color and sex you request will be noted. The first deposit will be given 1st pick the 2nd deposit will be given 2nd pick etc.  (Amber Ridge reserves the right to 1st pick of any litter)

2. Deposits are non-refundable unless litter does not produce requested sex and/or color.

3. Those who place deposits before or just after the puppies are born will be able to come pick out their puppy at or just after 7 weeks and take them home that day or are sent pictures vie email to decide and pick their puppy up at a later date.

4. Puppies must be picked up on or close to 8 weeks. If you are unable to pick the puppy up before then we charge a boarding fee of $10 per day past 8 weeks.

Puppy Adoption Info:


We ship our puppies using Continental or Delta Airlines out of Grand Rapids (GRR). Flying your puppy will cost $500-$650 anywhere in the continental US. The shipping cost includes the following:

*Airline Flight

*Airline Approved Travel Crate

*Health Certificate issued by Vet

We are also willing to drive and meet you or deliver your puppy directly to you. This could be about the same cost, possibly more, as flying, (depending on the fuel costs) but we try to make this an option for those who live more than a few hours away.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about shipping a puppy.

-Amber Ridge Kennels-

 ~Fox Red, Full English Labrador Retrievers~

Pick Up Info:

* Puppies are ready to go to their new homes between 7-8 weeks of age. We do not allow them to go any sooner then 7 weeks.

* Full purchase price is due at time of puppy pick up. We accept only cash the day of puppy pick up, so please plan accordingly. We will accept full payment by Paypal or Bank check at least 7 days before pick up.

*All Puppies come with: AKC Registration Available, 1 Year Health Guarantee, Current Vaccination, Full Vet Exam, 3 Generation Certified Litter Certificate, Dew Claws Removed, On a De-Worming schedule, NuVet Vitamins Starter Kit and Samples, Puppy Starter Kit & Records, Diamond Natural Large Breed Puppy Food Sample.

*Our Puppies are started on Diamond Natural Large Breed Puppy Food. Samples will be given when going home (about 3 days worth). You may switch your puppy to a different healthy puppy food but you will want to wean gradually.

 Health Guarantee

Here at Amber Ridge Kennels we make health our number one quest for our dogs and puppies. Giving them healthy food and vitamins as they grow is very important to us. We also believe that having a 1 year written Health Guarantee gives you our promise of raising only quality and healthy Labradors.

Here is a quick look at our Health Guarantee:

1. The Breeder guarantees that this puppy is a purebred Labrador Retriever, registrable with AKC.

2.  The Breeder also guarantees that your puppy is current on necessary vaccinations and declared in good health prior to being released to the Buyer at the time of sale, this puppy is considered to be of “Pet Quality”.

3. The Breeder guarantees the puppy for 1 year from the date of birth against any genetic defects that would be life threatening to the dog. The diagnosis must take place within the first year for this claim to be valid.

4. The puppy is guaranteed against genetic hip dysplasia for a period of 1 year from the date of birth. Amber Ridge Kennels does NOT guarantee your dog’s hips against any form of dysplasia which is attributed to non-genetic causes, such as injures, obesity, malnutrition, neglect, etc. Nor do we guarantee against any communicable diseases once the puppy leaves our kennel.

5. We have started your puppy on NuVet Vitamins. We strongly recommend your puppy staying on the Vitamins until they are at least 1 year of age. These Vitamins will give your puppy what they need as he/she grows into an adult. (If NuVet Vitamins are given to your puppy for at least 1 year we will extend this guarantee for another year (Age of dog: 2 yrs 2 months)

6. This guarantee is non-transferable, and is valid only to the original purchaser stated in this contract.

7. This guarantee is for a replacement puppy only, and holds no cash value. 

8. The Buyer agrees that the dog will live with the Buyer and his/her family. The Buyer also agrees that he/she is not an agent for another person or business on this purchase. 

9. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to have a licensed veterinarian check the health of the puppy within 3 business days after receiving the pup. The Buyer also agrees to care for the dog as would a humane and conscious dog owner. It is also the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the dog is kept current on all regular vet check ups and vaccinations.

10. The Breeder makes no other guarantees, verbal or implied, unless specifically stated in the written agreement.

11. The Breeder and the Buyer must each have a copy of this agreement, signed by both parties.

For complete Health Guarantee please email us at