Hi Jordan and Joanna,
Wanted to show you our puppy we picked up at your house 1 year ago September 7, 2014.  His name is Colt. We love him to pieces and I was able to train him while off on medical leave and boy oh boy what a smart boy.   We stopped using the kennel at 10 months and he has done great.  Here are a couple pictures one is from your web site as a baby and the other was taken today.  🐾💙  He weighs around 78 lbs and is the perfect size and exactly what we were hoping for. The blanket you sent with him he still uses at night and will carry it around when its bed time. Its way to cute! 🐾 Can't imagine our lives without him!!

~David & Shelly M.


Hi Joanna,

Stella is a great companion dog. Loves to play Frisbee and catch the tennis ball and swim. She just turned two on Christmas. We are having a celebration this weekend.  Two years ago we picked her up on Valentines day. Very smart, easy to teach and fun to be around. Barks at strangers but after a few minutes they are her best friends.  Loves children and also all the neighbor dogs.

~Jim and Kathy and Stella!!!!


Hi Joanna!
Great to hear from you! Lily is doing fantastic and we just celebrated her b day!:) She is an amazing dog-- sweet, smart and very much loved.... She has definitely become one of the family... ❤💕❤ She is smart as a whip! Chad had started working with her this past fall to  possibly do some duck hunting as she gets older and she has caught on extremely quickly for her age. It's been so cold he hasn't had a lot of opportunity to work consistently but I know she will pick it up quickly. Either way she is our little baby! :) You have a great summer as well! Keep in touch!

~Vicki & Chad W.


Hi Joanna,
We want to thank you and give you an update on our wonderful dogs! They are now a year and a half old and are very healthy. They are also very active and some of the most well behaved dogs we know! We have had several people ask if we would breed their dogs with one of ours! I have given them your name for the future! I have attached pictures of our boys which are both between 75-80lbs now! We are very happy and impressed with our boys in every way! Thank you so much again!

~Mike & Amber T.

Bear-black & Hunter-yellow

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​Mae's Previous Litters Pictures​​​

Hey Joanna!

"Jaeger is doing very well! He is still growing like crazy. At 8 months old, he is happy and healthy at 65lbs. He has a wonderful disposition and I frequently am told how handsome he looks. I purchased Jaeger not only looking for a lifelong friend, but a dedicated hunting companion as well. He is a well-built and muscular dog that easily runs through snow, thick cover, and muddy swamps. Jaeger is still in training, but I know he will make a wonderful duck dog. Finally, the #1 thing I am most impressed with Jaeger is his intelligence. Confirmed by the Michigan State Small Animal Clinic, Jaeger actually possesses above-average intelligence for a Labrador Retriever. This increased intelligence has made training Jaeger a very enjoyable experience. I am very happy with choosing Amber Ridge Kennels!"

​​~Jacob H.


Hi Joanna,
Amber Ridge's Black Pearl. "Pearl" was two on Christmas Day. She has two hunting seasons under her belt and loves it! She hunts at home (Jackson), on Saginaw Bay and has made two trips to Arkansas. She is 62 lbs, loves food and her older 1/2 "sister". She is extremely smart and has been one of the easiest dogs we have ever had to train. She has a "timid" side, but responds well to a firm but not overbearing "hand". Pearl does not like to be left out of anything we do and is really very well behaved.                                                                                                                                                             ~Robin and Kathy F.



-Amber Ridge Kennels-

 ~Fox Red, Full English Labrador Retrievers~

Hi Joanna! 
Just a couple wonderful pictures of a beautiful puppy that you would love. We love her so much.  She is so good for how young she is. Our puppy's name is Ruby.  She is a very well behaved and loves to just relax on the couch with us every night.  At times I believe she thinks shes a lap dog because she loves to cuddle and lay in our laps.  Obviously she is still a puppy and has her moments but we don't love her any less. 

~Jake & Samantha


 Hi Joanna,
Just wanted to give you an update on Goose who turned two yesterday... He's doing great and enjoying the summer on the lake. We took him to Traverse City and walked downtown..we didn't make it 5 feet without being stopped by people ooooing and aahhing over him... the whole way through down town! Summer time on the lake is in full swing and we can't keep him out of the water. He loves jumping off the dock and like most labs, he really loves hanging out in the bow of the boat and going for truck rides with his dad. He's an excellent construction assistant as well, he loves to help Ron with any project we've got going on.  Ron and Goose are true buds and Ron takes him most everywhere he goes. 

He's had an amazing year on the lake & is proving himself to be gentle & tolerate with our new grand baby & her older sister. He's a great dog & we couldn't be happier with him!

~Kristin & Ron