-Amber Ridge Kennels-

 ~Fox Red, Full English Labrador Retrievers~

​​​​Amber Ridge Kennelsis owned by husband & wife team, Jordan & Joanna Howe. We are located on 20 beautiful acres in the heart of Michigan where our dogs have lots of room to run.
  We have been breeding black & yellow Labrador Retrievers since 2013 and starting in 2018 we are now going to be specializing in English dark yellow & Fox Red puppies.
    Our quest for the best bloodlines, in genetics, build & temperament, is still on going and we are continuing to learn much about the Labrador and the Fox Red color with every litter our girls produce and each puppy we add to our family.
   We have fallen in love with the Labrador Retriever, as has most of the U.S. since they have been the most popular dog breed for more than 25 years,  because of their outgoing, loving nature, even temperament, and gentleness, intelligence, loyalty and their complete eagerness to please, these wonderful dogs have no idea how to hold a grudge! They are generally very easy to train and pick up on things fast. They are agile, kind and generally good hunters, though some just have such a care free attitude that to fetch anything has no appeal!

   Our male, Jack, is such a dog. Though he will fetch for a treat, he'd rather lay in the yard after he found whatever you threw and chew on it. A true lap dog in every sense of the word except size, he does not fit! We have 2 females, in prior years 3, Mae-black, (she has been retired to a good home) and Amber and Sydney- both Fox red. The older dogs love to fetch and will search until they find the thrown toy. Mae had the most drive of all our dogs, she would go and go until it tired us out! She taught that to Amber who is laid back until a ball or frisbee comes out, then she is all energy. Sydney is still learning the fetch thing, she doesn't show much promise in being a go-getter type of dog; which is fine with us! Each of our dogs is apart of our family and we couldn't imagine life without even one of them. They bring us laughter and joy with their antics and devotion.

   Our dogs and puppies are raised as part of our family and each puppy is placed in a home that will treat them the same. Our goal is to bring each person who adopts a puppy from us a genetically sound, intelligent puppy and you can be assured that all puppies adopted from us are from a sound breeding program; which starts with the fact that we believe in breeding our girls only after they have turned two years and all our dogs have had their health clearances done. We also believe in retiring them when they are six years old and we do not breed them every heat cycle but only when they are healthy and ready. Because of this we have a limited number of puppies throughout the year so it may be necessary to be put on a waiting list when searching for that forever friend or hunting partner.

Fox Red Labradors (Darkest Shade of Yellow)

  A few years ago a friend of ours adopted a Fox Red Labrador and we fell in love with the color. After many months of research and prayers we decided to begin raising these beautiful dogs and Amber, our Fox Red female, was the start of our dream. We adopted a Fox Red male, Jack, in June of 2015 and a second Fox Red female, Sydney, in March 2019 to add to our breeding program and it is our sincere desire to further the excellence of this beautiful color.

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  Please feel free to contact us at 989-763-4903 with any questions regarding our dogs or kennel. And we encourage our puppy buyers to continue updating us with news & pictures of course!!